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Welcome staffing professionals! is the #1 source to reach qualified candidates for your top domestic and estate positions. Estatejobs is a “niche” job board attracting  job seekers in private service, targeting the positions you will be listing, including Estate Managers, Butlers, House Managers, Majordomos, Domestic Couples, Drivers, Executive housekeepers, High-end Nannies, and more. The administrative side of your EstateJobs account is clear and simple, yet feature packed, in order to track all of your jobs, candidates, and replies.

If you are an employment agency or recruiter who regularly places jobs for private service, you can sign up for a special rate and unlimited use. (Subject to company verification.)

Employment Agency Monthly Plan – Registration fee is currently waived ($349 value) and unlimited site access is just $129 per month. Post all of your job listings, search the resume database, and track all of your applications through the online tools.

There are over 30,000 job seekers registered to see new job listings. Introduce your jobs and your agency to them directly.

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