Writing Your Own Mock Recommendation Can Get You Hired | Personal Branding Blog – Stand Out In Your Career

Here’s and interesting approach to interview preparation. What I like is that it helps a job applicant refine their personal story and use concise wording to communicate their background and goals. The process of writing your own letter of recommendation could actually help you gain clarity on your strengths and how they apply to your…

Insider’s Guide to Household Staffing, 2nd ed. Now Available in Print!

If you are a Private Employer or Private Service Professional you absolutely must know the “inside information” in this book. Almost every employer and job seeker we encounter is making mistakes they just don't know about or even realize they are doing! If you are concerned about “doing it right” then you'll want to dive in and learn all the ways both parties may be miscommunicating, being inappropriate, or more seriously, “shooting themselves in the foot” when engaging in the employment process.

With an extensive table of contents you'll have quick access to sections and tips for both job seekers and employers. Many topics are extremely detailed and supplemented by stories and profiles from Private Service Professionals, agency experts, and other related professionals in the industry. The guide is rich with practical knowledge gleaned over a dozen years of trial and error in the staffing process, hearing the complaints and praises from both employers and job seekers in private service.