F.A.Q. for Employers and Recruiters

The most common support issues and questions about using EstateJobs are covered here. Please read through the topics carefully for answers to your questions. If your question is not covered here or you need further support, please email clients@estatejobs.com or call us toll free at 888-900-0355. International callers dial 805-293-6200.

How do I post a confidential job listing?

Use the feature on your account called “Company Alias.” Here you can create a name like “Private Employer” and select it to appear instead of the actual employer name when you fill out the job listing form.

What types of candidates can I expect to find on the site?

The best part about EstateJobs is the targeted, niche audience. We attract service professionals who do this work full time as a career. There may be some applicants who are not qualified for your position, but they will be easy to sort out. Typically, the more specific you are with requirements and job descriptions, the higher quality the applicant responses will be. The highest volume of responses come from full time positions near major cities, but the site also allows you to find the few candidates available for remote and specialized positions!

Which method should I choose to receive applications?

  1. The most convenient and effective method is to receive resumes through the website. Each application will be recorded in your account and you can also provide an email so the candidates are emailed to you as they apply.
  2. If you wish to request additional documents attached to each application, you can choose the direct email method. Email applications are counted by the system, but cannot be tracked individually. Also, please use an anonymous email to maintain privacy on the search.
  3. If your company has an application process on your own website, you may choose this option to redirect candidates to a specific address.

Can I request multiple documents from applicants like letters, photos, and references?

It is best to save additional document requests for the candidates you wish to pursue. The application system only allows one document attachment at a time. If you need to have multiple items for the initial applications then choose the direct email application method.

There is also a great screening section at the end of the job posting form that allows you to ask specific questions and get detailed responses with each application. Many employers find this useful for pre-qualifying applicants.

What information gets the best response in job listings?

The simple rule is this: The more detail in the job description, the better the results will be. The most important items are the salary range, potential work schedule, specifics of the compensation package, and job functions. Leaving any of those out may turn away quality applicants.

Can I speak to a live person if I need help with my account?

Absolutely. Please call us directly at 888-900-0355 with any questions. We handle all client inquiries promptly. (International callers dial 805-293-6200.