F.A.Q. for Job Seekers

Most support issues and questions about using EstateJobs are covered here. Please read through the topics and answers carefully before requesting further support. If your question is not answered here or you need to report technical issues, please email support@estatejobs.com.

If you have further questions about using the site, or have a technical error, please send a very specific email documenting the error you see, and what you were trying to do on the site. Also indicate the platform and browser you used. i.e. Safari for Mac, or Firefox on a PC. Send your inquiry to support@estatejobs.com.

What does it cost to use the EstateJobs site?

That’s our favorite question. EstateJobs is currently FREE for all job seekers. Go ahead and get registered!

Who should apply for a position on EstateJobs?

The agencies and private families advertising on the site are usually seeking experienced applicants in the exact position offered. If you are new to private household/estate employment, please see our recommendations at this link: Finding a Private Service Position

How can I view current job listings?

There are a number of ways to keep up with job listings.

  1. Once you are registered on the site, you will receive emails with matching positions daily. To change your search parameters, use the “job agent” feature on your account.
  2. From your account you can run specific searches based on criteria you select.
  3. View and like the EstateJobs Facebook page to see all new job posts.
  4. Check and follow the Twitter Feed @estatejobs and see new job listings in real time.

Are the ads on the site real?

Absolutely. We approve all agencies before they can use the site and also verify private client listings. EstateJobs is one of the safest places to apply for a new position. If you see anything suspicious, please let us know!

How do I add a PHOTO to my profile?

To add a photo, sign in to the site, then choose “Your Account” from the green menu bar. Now select “Your Profile/Resume” and you will see the option to upload a photo at the bottom of the first section. Photos will automatically resize to 150 pixels wide, and the height will be proportional. We recommend using a closeup or cropped photo showing your overall appearance as a professional. Once uploaded, you will see the photo as it appears on your profile.

How do I submit additional documents with an application?

To send multiple items (references, photos, intro letter, etc.) when requested, you MUST combine them into ONE document and then attach it to the main application instead of just your resume. The EstateJobs application system only allows one attachment, less than 600 k in size. Most people find that a reduced size PDF document works best.

I seem like the perfect candidate, so why am I not getting a response to my application?

Unfortunately there is no way for all applicants to receive a specific response. There are usually several applications for each position, and most clients can only reply to candidates they want to pursue for that particular job. TIP: Don’t overthink it. If the employer thinks you are a good match, they will be in touch. It is impossible to know all the things they are considering when they review your resume.

How do I follow up on applications I've submitted?

For some you can, and some you can’t. When you are signed in to the site, look at the full title of the position to see if the employer name is listed. If so, you can look up that agency and contact them directly. If the posting was anonymous, then no direct follow up is possible. If the application method was via direct email, you can send a follow-up note to that same address.

I applied for several jobs, but they are not in my application history.

If an employer selected to receive your resume via direct email, it will not register in your application history. If the application was sent through the EstateJobs online submission, it will be logged in your account.

I called and left a message or emailed for support and I have not heard back. Why?

We can only return calls regarding technical help issues with the website.  Each job listing is from an agency or private employer who posted their own information, so we cannot answer any questions about the posts. To follow up with specific job listings, see the note above. We do not return calls about jobs on the site unless you are reporting something wrong in the ad or suspicious activity.